The Quest for Coach

Once I was signed up for Madison, I knew my next step was to get a coach. I had watched my wife work with coaching a few times and, since we have friends in the scene also working with coaches, I had a pretty good idea of the value and the need [for me at any rate].

To me, the biggest value of a coach is providing structure. Otherwise I’ll just go ride my bike everyday… ;-). I need someone to tell me what to do and how to do it.

I already leaked who I chose, so how did I make that choice?

Pretty straightforward, actually. I talked to friends about their coaches. Some casually from time to time, others I “interviewed” on the topic. What did they like and not like? What worked for them? Simple stuff, for sure. But from that I quickly narrowed it down to two potential coaches.

I contacted each candidate coach and setup a time to meet them somewhere away from the gym. With each I then introduced myself, gave a bit of background, current injuries, diet (keto/low carb), etc. Then we talked through those bits and their thoughts. Next they gave me their overview on how they coach. Philosophies, techniques, tools, etc.

Why did I choose Coach Jenn? First, she’s a total data geek. Training with power, workouts with lots of numbers. I love it. She uses the hell out of!

Oh darn, you mean I’m going to have to break down and buy a power meter for my bike?

Second, the opportunity to work out with the rest of the team as often as 3 times a week. That’s valuable to me from a motivation perspective. Keeps me honest and if a little camaraderie develops, that’s a nice plus too. Some great Facebook groups too — one social and open and one focused on training and private.

For a third factor, I have to say that she’s a helluva athlete in her own right. That’s motivational as well. She’s walking her talk, so to say.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt that she’s based out of Life Time, the gym I already use. Great facility — I never mind going there. Perhaps too nice for the likes of me, but I do like it.

0 to 60 Right Now

I haven’t written yet about choosing a coach… that’s on the to-do list though. But hey, good news — I chose a coach!

I met with Coach Jenn this morning for our kickoff and orientation meeting. Super interesting and super educational.

Holy crap. I guess I have jumped into the deep end of the pool!

Tomorrow is my first day on the plan. Starting with a 100 minute bike ride and then half hour of weights. The next day? Oh you know, just a 1 hour run and more weights. 🙂

I blush to confess I haven’t been working out at ALL for almost 2 months. And yet… I gotta admit, this is going to be fun. I love being challenged.

Wait. What?

So here I am, all signed up for IRONMAN 70.3 Madison. How did we get to this point?

Well my wife and some of our mutual friends have been doing triathlons for a few years now. As an avid biker I would cheerfully join in the bike rides and then help out on race day shuttling around people and their stuff. After a while (and much encouragement from my wife), it started to look sort of fun.

Last January I took a “swimming for triathletes” course with Coach Justin Chester that got my swimming game going. Oh sure, I knew how to swim, but I didn’t really know how to swim if you catch my drift.

Next up was some running. An abridged version of couch-to-5k and I was the okayest runner around.

Biking? I was already the okayest bike rider so didn’t spend much time there 🙂

Did my first sprint tri in Boulder in June and my second at Evergreen in July. Had a lot more fun at both than I might have anticipated. (also learned that I’m really bad in transition)

I then spent the rest of the summer tagging along with my wife as she worked with her coach and training plan to prepare for her Ironman 70.3 Tempe. Lots of swimming and a fair amount of running and biking. Had to take a break after a bike crash in August (perhaps a post for another day) but still tried to keep up.

We went to Phoenix, I cheered on the wife and friends who raced Tempe and I found myself signing up for Madison. I’m not sure entirely what happened, but next thing I knew I had my email receipt and a funny feeling in my stomach…

Next up — finding a coach!